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Maldonado - Uruguay


Back in 1997 we were in Paris in one of the largest temples of art universal., to contemplate the works of the great masters, looked and felt and thought, it is important to have a museum that hosts the finest expression. Always thinking to terms of the culture and art of Uruguay, and terms of region. In a city such as Maldonado, who has a large colony of artist of all the genres. Many well known and not known who for various reasons of life could not be known and are the silent. Then, as we said above, we were in one of the major temples of art as the Museum of the Loubre. When we were already ending this visit, we would pass by a large room that we ran to the shop and bookstore of the same. To our surprise, we find ourselves with a large table, in which there were computers, in them you could see the entire collection of the Museum with the descriptions of each of the works exhibited there. And it is there that the idea of why not, make a museum that speak of our local culture and highlight our artists in each one of its genres. And we arrived to Uruguay with the firm conviction, about the possibility, but it took several years to what is today a reality, the Virtual Museum, a medium that could accommodate the work of our teachers, and its significance, in the area of Maldonado. But also thought as something supportive to students, teachers and the art lover. And that it could also be a supportive environment for those artists who, for different reasons, had no possibilities to disseminate and to publicize his work to the local environment as well, but the rest of humanity. It is then that el18 of August 2009, we were able to realize this project which is intended and designed to make it in several stages. To achieve higher performance with regard to the spirit of the idea of the Museum. And that in due time we will inform you.

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