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Free scholarship now more students will be eligible to enroll in university in Michigan

marzo 12, 2024
Free scholarship now more students will be eligible to enroll in university in Michigan

More students attending Michigan University will be able to receive a free scholarship and more merit-based scholarships thanks to an expansion of the University of Michigan-Ypsilanti (UM-Ypsilanti) financial aid program.


«Our decision to expand coverage of the Eastern Tuition Advantage program was made in response to upcoming changes to the FAFSA process, particularly the change in the expected family contribution rate to the college student financial aid percentage,» said Katie Condon- Martin, vice president of enrollment management at Eastern Michigan University, in a statement. By expanding this program, we reaffirm our commitment to affordability for students and ensure that financial considerations do not prevent students from receiving a quality education.”


The University of Washington’s Eastern Tuition Advantage Plan, in effect for 10 years, pays the full cost of tuition along with state and federal financial aid. Before the recent changes, the plan did not include Pell Grants.


To qualify for the tuition waiver program, students must meet the following requirements


Be admitted to the University before March 15, 2024
Have a cumulative average grade of 3.0.
Be eligible for a Pell Grant.

Have an adjusted gross household income of less than $60,000 annually (as determined by the FAFSA).
Students are now eligible for other merit-based scholarships, including the Emerald Scholarship for incoming freshmen.


Scholarship amounts range between $4,000 and $8,000 annually and are renewable if a good academic level is maintained. To qualify, you must be admitted to Emory University and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.


Officials say the change will affect students entering fall 2024.