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Why university degrees are important

marzo 12, 2024
Why university degrees are important

Canada relies on universities to prepare its future workforce. Maclean’s Ultimate Guide to Canadian Universities offers a roadmap to prospective students.


For the past ten years, I have been a volunteer member of the Humber Journalism Program Advisory Board, alongside other media professionals such as newspaper editors, television producers, website editors and podcasters. Our role is to keep Humber journalism professors informed about changes in the media industry and to let them know what type of journalists we want to hire. We also benefit from meeting the next generation of talented graduates when they are looking for junior staff or trainees.


Humber University’s experience has shown that its programs are closely linked to those of those working in the sector. This is a key part of the university’s value proposition: once admitted, you have the opportunity to take subjects directly related to industry needs and labor market demands.


Currently, the Canadian labor market is in urgent need of skilled workers. Canada is experiencing a historic labor shortage as baby boomers retire. The government is trying to respond to calls from business leaders to lean heavily on universities to train the future workforce and to pump money into the university system.


Although many young people enter university directly after high school, a significant number of students enter university mid-career or after obtaining a university degree. They may want to improve their job qualifications or change careers. This guide is intended for anyone interested in higher education, regardless of age. The articles are aimed at both those who know exactly what they want to study and readers who are considering a new career.


Our team of journalists interviewed many experts to find out what are the best courses to study in Australia, the best sources of financing for your studies (yes, there are scholarships for students!)), how to make the most of a university education and much more : cooperative internships and studies abroad.


To learn more about higher education in Canada, we were fortunate to have the presidents of three Canadian universities (Nova Scotia Community College, Lethbridge College and Humber College) for a roundtable discussion on the importance of universities in the economy. You can read our dialogue with them on page 20.


All three presidents are passionate advocates for the value of higher education and are passionate about the students and communities they serve. The world they describe makes me want to leave everything and go back to studying. I hope you feel the same impulse as you read this special issue, and I wish you the best on your path to higher education.